Mobdro for iPhone, iPad, iOS, Mac OS X also Mobdro Alternative

This is tutorial about how-to install Mobdro for iOS based device (including iPad and iPhone). And also how to install Mobdro on OS X device (including laptop or Mac Computer).

You can use Mobdro on Mac computer by using Android emulator software. There are some well-known Android emulator like Bluestack, Droid4x, etc. Please continue reading this article for more information and instruction.

Mobdro iPhone

Making Sure of Mobdro for iPhone Availability

Maybe, there are a lot of people who wonder about Mobdro for iPhone. Mobdro has been a really popular application. It is really popular especially amongst the people who love to spend their free time watching video streaming for free.

From time to time, plenty of videos are uploaded. These videos have various topics as well as in various languages. While people can spend their time all day long searching and watching videos, a good application can help with the searching task. That’s exactly what will be done by Mobdro iPhone and a lot of people truly love this idea.

But, unfortunately Mobdro for iPhone is not available due to some reasons. We have to wait until the Mobdro developer release official Mobdro for iPhone devices (iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S). Later the developer may plan to release Mobdro for iPhone, we will let you know soon.

Please read similar apps like Mobdro for iPhone devices.

Mobdro iPad

Convenience of Mobdro for iPad

The features within Mobdro for iPad are truly convenient. Every day, every time and everywhere, the users of the app will be able to relax while checking the videos listed by the app. As long as there is an internet connection, the application will keep on searching for new videos to be listed.

The videos can be watched anywhere and anytime there is spare time to be filled. The convenience in using Mobdro iPad is real when one truly tries it to the fullest potential. There will be great time from using this particular application.

But, unfortunately Mobdro app is still not available for iPad. We need to wait the developer release Mobdro for iPad (iPad 2, iPad mini, iPad air). Later we will update this tutorial about how to download and install Mobdro for iPad devices. For now, please check this article for alterntive apps like Mobdro.

Mobdro for iOS

Is Mobdro for iOS Available ?

It’s important to make sure the availability of Mobdro for iOS. Unfortunately though, the answer will be no. It’s such an unfortunate that the convenient features in the app cannot be used on iOS. It can still work on a Mac but not on iOS.

The creator of Mobdro has stated that the app will be available for Android and no version for iOS for the time being. iOS users will be able to try for Mobdro alternative for iOS such as MovieBox, PlayBox, UStream and more. See this article for alternative apps like Mobdro for iOS here.


Mobdro Mac OSX

Checking Mobdro for Mac OS X

Some people may want to choose Mobdro for Mac as they don’t really want one for mobile devices. Or they simply want to have the application for mobile devices as well as for the personal computer. For whatever devices, the main purpose of Mobdro will stay the same.

This application will keep on looking for new free videos and list them neatly to be checked. Furthermore, users of Mobdro Mac will be able to bookmark the videos as well as organize them further. The videos can be organized and categorized based on topics or languages. This will make the usage of Mobdro even easier.

Mobdro iOS will be available in two types. The first type is freemium or known as the free version. There will be no charge or need to pay the free version. At the other hand, the second type, the premium will require users to pay for it before using.

Premium users will be able to get more functions within the application. They can capture streams – basically downloading the videos and watch the videos offline. The premium version also supports ChromeCast. For those who have interest, the premium version of Mobdro for iPhone sounds really good and worthy.


Install Mobdro on Mac OS

If you have Mac computer with OS X, you can still use Mobdro by using Android emulator software. Nowadays, BlueStacks is the best Android emulator for Mac. For installing Mobdro on Mac PC / laptop, please read the following step-by-step tutorial :

  1. First, we need to download and install BlueStacks Android emulator for Mac from here.
  2. Then we download the latest offical Mobdro Apk file from here or here for older version.
  3. Double click on ‘Mobdro apk’ file or we also can right click on that Mobdro apk file and then choose “Open with Bluestacks APK Installer”.
  4. Go to BlueStacks home > All Apps > click on ‘Mobdro’ icon to run Mobdro app.

You will be prompted to update this Mobdro app when you open Mobdro for the first time.

That’s it! Now we are able to streams video on our Mac computer.


Note: There are some alternative apps wich is similiar to Mobdro , you can see here : Apps Like Mobdro

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